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Benefits of Eco Fresh car purifiers-

  1. Get rid of smoke, dust and PM2.5 air pollutants
  2. Kill viruses & bacteria up to 99% to prevent the spread of disease 
  3. Dispel formaldehyde and benzene
  4. Remove unpleasant odors
  5. Increase alertness and relieve carsickness
  6. Have a life span of 1-3 years
  7. Works in any vehicle with 12v outlet

How purifiers and ionizers work-

Eco Fresh In-Car air Purifiers use an electrical charge to produce streams of negative ions which remove microscopic particles from the air, ultimately improving the air quality in your car.

Our purifiers create negative ions which seek out positively charged particles, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, mold, smoke, chemical vapours, and other allergens. Once the positive and negative ions are bonded together, they become too heavy to float, and no longer affect the air quality.

What is the difference between the premium edition and the luxury edition?

Why is an air purifier needed?

No matter indoors or outdoors, the particles are threatening our health, weakening and damaging our lungs. Asthma prevalence raises year by year and more and more people are diagnosed with breathing-related issues.

There are many ways to fight the in-car air pollutants, such as cleaning out the dust and spraying febreze. However, this is not enough for dealing with the invisible air pollutant particles.

To guard your health against air pollution, Eco Fresh in car air purifiers has launched a new product which utilizes negative ion technology without doing any harm to the human body to improve the air quality. Especially when there is a smoker in your family, our product can help protect against second hand smoke. It is not only a health protector, but is also a great choice for gift items. Order your car purifier today to see the benefits!

Proven benefits include:

  •     Decreased respiratory rate
  •     Can lower blood pressure
  •     Produces a feeling of wellbeing
  •     Decreased skin temperature

Known in many cases to benefit people who suffer from the following:

  • Asthma
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Allergic Bronchitis
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Here at Eco Fresh Purifiers we offer you the latest and greatest technology for your vehicle. Our mission is to provide each and every one of our customers with high quality products at the lowest prices possible. All car purifiers come in our luxury metal case or our luxury gift wrap package and are guaranteed to improve your driving experience. Simply plug our product into your cigarette lighter and start breathing cleaner, purified air! Guaranteed or your money back!