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1. How long does Shipping Take?

For all domestic orders in the United States please allow 1-6 days for delivery.

For all international orders, shipment times vary for every country. Usually only takes 1-2 weeks, it all depends how quickly our products clear customs.

2. What is the difference between the premium edition and the luxury edition?

3. How long do our products last?

Eco Fresh purifiers last anywhere from 1-3 years. Product life is dependant upon how often you drive and how often our products are plugged in. 

4. How do you use the purifier?

Our purifiers plug directly into any 12v car outlet. 

5. How do they work?

Eco Fresh In-Car Purifiers use an electrical charge to produce streams of negative ions which remove microscopic particles from the air, ultimately improving the air quality in your car.

6. Is there any kind of filter or maintenance required?

Our products require no maintenance whatsoever and do not have a filter. As simple as it may seem... Just plug our purifiers into your 12v car outlet and start breathing cleaner, purified air.