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Thomas H. | New York, New York

"I have been a smoker in my Tahoe for upwards of 5 years now. I have tried everything to remove the pre-existent smoke odors from the vehicle and nothing has ever worked. After some extensive research, I found Eco Fresh and went with the luxury unit. After just one night leaving the product plugged in, the smell was completely gone in the morning! 5 YEARS gone in just one night. Still in disbelief with the power this product has, I highly suggest this product to anybody and everybody!"

Matthew P. | Destin, Florida 

"This product has helped significantly inside my truck with different odors such as.. a day after fishing or a day at the beach. That's why i went with you guys, keep up the good work!"

Joe G. | San Diego, California

"The pre-sale and post-sale support is absolutely incredible. David helped me get the right purifier for my vehicle and wow.. Day one I already feel a difference. I highly reccommend Eco Fresh Products and not some cheap knock-off."

Christina M. | Alberta, Canada

"Don't waste your money on other products claiming the same benefits as Eco Fresh. The technology is real and my family and I can't believe how effective this gadget is!"

Zachary K. | Helena, Montana


"Yalls product is great! I have had it in my SUV since the day it came in and it really has made an incredible difference in the way my car smelled and how I feel when I get in the vehicle."

Michael W. | Houston, Texas

"This is the best $30 i have ever spent! My seasonal allergies with hay down in Texas are horrible and this product helps immensely. Thank you Eco Fresh!"

Andrea C. | Chicago, Illinois

"I was very skeptical at first.. But, after ordering a luxury edition, the skepticism was completely gone! My allergies are so bad during the spring and this has helped me more than i could have ever imagined!"

Michael L. | Dallas, Texas


 "A major selling point for me was how easy the product is to use. You just plug it in and enjoy! Very good, would recommend to anyone!"